Guest Author Guidelines

Being Better Matters is not a scientific journal, in that it employs only a simple peer review process by our Editorial Board.  If it is to be classified at all, it is an engineering resource to assist those who are working systematically to improve the results of productive systems.

Being Better Matters (BBM) is intended to be an appealing place for scholars and practitioners to share their field research, opinions, ideas and contributions to the growth of our collective and collaborative intelligence.

BBM invites manuscripts that will interest managers, performance system designers and evaluators.  Some areas of particular interest are: strategies for implementing change, performance maintenance, managing people and organizations for results, tradeoffs between complexity & simplicity, and technical innovations.

We are willing to give our contributors wide latitude in stylistic matters providing their language is proper and their tone is civil. We are especially partial to contributions that are well-written, have a compelling point of view, and are clearly based on actual experience in the field. This site will only be read and respected if its articles add to the knowledge and expertise of its readers.  That said, please note that we’re looking for analysis and insight, not straight news reports. To protect our credibility, we will screen out any and all attempts to promote specific products or services.  If the point of your contribution is “hire us” or “buy our product”, please make your point elsewhere.

Some other notes:

  • Before you submit an article you should be accepted as a Guest Author by submitting your profile here
  • Once you are accepted, you will receive a password for accessing the “upload an article” page.
  • We will review your submission and make a yes/no decision on publication.
  • The submission must be in English, grammatically correct, spell checked and proofread
  • We are very respectful about copyright. We accept submissions of writing that has already been published on your own site or in other websites as long as they don’t infringe any copyright. Do not use any copyrighted images/material. By submitting a post to us, you are affirming that the content is original to you, the author. No plagiarism please
  • You may retain all copyrights to your article, while granting us permission to publish the article in Being Better Matters Website. When we do so, we will give you full credit and recognition.
  • Being Better Matters is a non-profit, all volunteer effort, so there is no revenue to provide financial compensation to our Guest Authors.  They must survive on the gratitude of their colleagues, and the ever-brighter glow of their personal reputations.