Who We Are

We are a group of passionate and innovation-oriented professionals, from different countries, with different backgrounds, working on a volunteer basis to build and manage a new platform to share opinions, analysis, thoughts, and ideas about “improvement”.
Most of us are ISPI members and are committed to organize the annual ISPI-EMEA Conference.

We found Being Better Matters as a place and an open community for People who care about People and Results.

We are committed to the beliefs that being better matters because it could change the world, and be a powerful way for good in humanity.

Our DNA is based around passionately promoting performance improvement in every field with a unique focus on people, innovation and results.

Our mission is to inspire the website audience to look forward and think beyond traditional boundaries.

Our audience is anyone, anywhere, who believes that being better matters, grows prosperity, and expands human possibilities.

In a nutshell, Being Better Matters is a platform where:

  • opinions, thoughts, and ideas might be shared in a place open to everybody,
  • opportunities of improvement can be explored in an experienced and proactive environment,
  • topics are discussed in creative ways from new perspectives.


(the Board composition is still in progress)

Edward Schneider

Ed is the proprietor of Peacham Pedagogics, a consulting firm founded in 1984 to specialize in research and development for interactive instruction. In recent years, it has expanded into design, development, and evaluation of performan ce systems as well.Over the years we've seen a wide range of contexts: banks, supermarkets, Air Force avionics, Army tracked vehicles, publishing, audio-visual learning laboratories, foreign language acquisition, municipal operations, music schools, etc.

Email: ed@peacham.com
Website www.peacham.com

Carol M. Panza

Carol is a management consultant with an extensive track record of successfully assisting client companies from a broad range of industries and functions. She has clients in financial services, pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, technology, marine transportation, and more. Carol's approach to organizations and consulting is practical and down to earth. Her focus is on building strong and lasting relationships with clients as a trusted colleague.

Email: cmp@orgmap.com
Website www.orgmap.com


Belia Nel

Belia Nel is the founder member of Improvid Performance Consulting and holds a post graduate qualification from the University of Johannesburg. She has over 20 years work experience in organizational performance, performance management, talent development and learning including design, facilitation & training, coaching and training of trainers with experience cutting across all levels of staff and management. She has worked primarily in South Africa but also in many SADEC countries.

Articles published on Being Better Matters

Email: belia@improvid.co.za
Website www.improvid.co.za


Sylvia K. Lee

I work with leaders, supporting them in becoming great leaders who can engage their people, generate high performance, and develop enduring and productive cultures. I do this by helping leaders to first discover and leverage their leadership strengths and then recognize and amplify the strengths of others. At the organization level, I help leaders purposefully and intentionally design strengths-based organizationfor for high performance. www.facebook.com/groups/StrengthsOfLeadership

Articles published on Being Better Matters

Email: sylvia@powerup-leadership.com
Website: www.powerup-leadership.com

Camille Ferond

Camille is a culturally aware trilingual CPT with 20+ yrs. experience. Hired to accelerate Personal Proficiency and Business Plan Implementations, addressing: Quality, Productivity, Safety, KSAs, in private & public sectors, in Europe and USA, across industries including: Educational, Clinical, Transportation, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Nuclear etc... She is SVUNA VP of Organisational Development and an ISPI-EMEA Board Director. (ISPI-Europe 2005-6 Past President).

Email: proferond@hotmail.com

Fabrizio Bocci

Fabrizio is a trainer, facilitator and consultant in strategic thinking, performance measurement and management, organization design and change, digital transformation. He operates through the brand Bocci Consulting, consults with public sector, profit-driven and not-for-profit organizations, coaches executives in Strategy and Balanced Scorecard and speaks internationally.

Articles published on Being Better Matters

Email: fbocci@bocciconsulting.com
Website www.bocciconsulting.com


Roger M. Addison

Roger, CPT, is an internationally respected practitioner of Performance Improvement Technology (PIT) and performance consulting. He is the Chief Performance Officer at Addison Consulting and a Certified Performance Improvement Professional (CPT).He is a past president of ISPI and past Chair of the Board and President of the International Federation of Training and Development Organisations (IFTDO). He received ISPI's highest award, Member for Life, and ISPI’s Rummler, Gilbert and Service Awards.

Email: rogeraddison@earthlink.net

ISPI (International Society for Performance Improvement)

Founded in 1962, the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) is the leading international association dedicated to improving productivity and performance in the workplace. ISPI’s mission is to develop and recognize the proficiency of our members and advocate the use of Human Performance Technology (HPT).

Industries, organizations, and their employees working in different areas like line managers, human resources managers, organizational development consultants, training directors, instructional technologists, human factors practitioners, and project managers are members of ISPI. They work in a variety of settings including business, academia, government, non-profits, and the armed forces.

Increasing workplace performance requires a focus on results rather than just the solutions. To facilitate this approach, ISPI bases the practice of performance improvement on the successful alignment of the work, the worker and the workplace to enable the organization to:

  • Focus on results
  • Take a systems viewpoint
  • Add value to the organization
  • Establish partnerships


In 2001, a group of performance improvement practitioners from various countries founded the ISPI EMEA network with the vision of supporting the concept of ISPI in our geographical areas, sharing and increasing knowledge of ISPI practitioners and sustaining the application of HPT across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.