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  • the package has 4pcs beaded mask lanyard with clasp,the beads are made of plastic,length28-30inches,and overall feeling is pretty good,this type of mask lanyard which is suitable for those who put the mask on and off constantlly all day long at work,and those who is terrible memory with ,this keeps it in the right place where you need it all the time so you will not forget to grab it when you exit office area,coffee bar or other public area,the claws attach perfectly to the ear straps

  • The chain of the lanyards for face masks the colors are brilliant and comfortable around the neck,it makes mask wearing feasible for kids and adults,and the strap easily converted to reading-glasses holders,It is perfect for kids at school or out ,prevent the kids from getting dirty,losing,droping the mask,they are ajustable and easy put on,it helps kids remember always to keep the mask on,it also is cleaner than when you are taking it off and laying it on a table or other surface

  • The little claps hold at the end hold onto the ear loops of masks work well,this is perfect use when you need to take on and off and don’t have to worry about to trying to find a place to store your mask temporariliy,there is a helpful and easy way just hanging it around you neck,it can put them on several different eye glasses,also use as handchain,eyeglasses chain,necklace,bracelet

  • beaded lanyard is sturdy,well made,and light weight,also has a beautiful and colourful apperance,it is good choice to give your family and friends as a nice gift for festivals,this chain will add more fashionble to you when you put them on your different type eyeglasses or as another fashion accessories stuff

  • non slip glasses holder and mask chain,landards for mask glasses for you

  • 4 Pack Lanyards for Face Masks Beaded Lanyards Mask Accessories for Glasses Beaded Mask Holder Glasses mask Chain 28 Inches Non-Slip Anti-Lost Mask Chain