A Panel of Senior Executives to Speak Candidly from the Senior Management Perspective

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One of the perennial highlights of ISPI EMEA conferences, the Senior Executive Panel, is scheduled for Saturday, September 27 2019. Participants at the conference will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with a panel of senior executives with diverse backgrounds in a special two-hour session. We have invited respected senior executives from a cross-section of successful organizations, who are willing to share their thoughts and insights with our conference participants.

We are delighted to begin to introduce our 2019 Senior Executive Panelists for this highlighted event, where participants will hear directly from experienced senior executives about the challenges and opportunities facing organizations today, their thoughts on achieving organization results, and how we as performance improvement professionals can potentially contribute to organization results in a
meaningful way. Questions to guide this discussion are created from ideas suggested by conference registrants in advance of the conference. There is also time within the two-hour session for questions and comments directly from session participants.


Introducing 3 of our 2019 Senior Executive Panelists


Alp Er Tunga Ersoy, General Manager, TAV N Macedonia

Alp Ersoy has spent nearly 17 years in international business, with a focus on airport management and Ground Handling operations. His work experience has called upon him, over and over, to establish and run business operations in a foreign country, from scratch.

Alp began his career (1999) as Terminal Duty Officer at Ataturk Airport Istanbul International Terminal for TAV in Turkey, responsible for ensuring achievement of established performance levels across all services provided at the airport to client companies and entities within the terminal building. His responsibilities included identifying and resolving any problems with passenger flow at check-in, passport control and boarding gates, as well as, supervising the activities of all commercial entities.

Still for TAV, in 2005, he was appointed Terminal Operations Manager for the Tbilisi airport, in Georgia, including coordination and administration of all terminal operations. Identification and prevention of high value potential faults in facilities, that might have an impact on airport services, was an important job result area, in addition to dealing with unforeseen emergency situations. Further, he took responsibility for continuous improvements in the performance of airport facilities and operations, beginning with assessments to identify skills and knowledge requirements, as well as, expectations, processes, procedures, tools and resources that could be improved.

His performance as Terminal Operations Manager, led to Alp’s nomination to the position of Deputy General Manager of Tbilisi airport from 2007 – 2008. In that role, he was responsible for the management and administration of all airport services, including Ground Handling Operations, Terminal Operations, Commercial Affairs, security and Aerodrome Services at Tbilisi Airport. Then, from 2009 – 2016, he served as Deputy General Manager, Airport Operations, for TAV Macedonia, and was named General Manager in 2017. In these roles, Alp has been responsible for both international airports in North Macedonia, Skopje International and Saint Paul the Apostle Ohrid.

His current responsibilities focus on strategic business development and ensuring return on investment in North Macedonian airports, which depend upon building and maintaining long-term effective/supportive relationships with local communities, employees, domestic and international vendors, business partners, and investors, as well as local and national authorities and other government entities. Alp’s ability to build strong, supportive long-term international and domestic partnerships is one of the fundamental skills that drive his success in the strategic, high-impact role of General Manager, TAV N. Macedonia.

Alp is currently Co-Chair of Matto (Macedonia Turkey Chamber of Commerce) and a Board Member of FIC (Foreign Investor Council), as representative of TAV N. Macedonia.


Angelka Peeva Luarencic, Managing Director, ImagePR

The business profile of Angelka Peeva Laurencic covers two segments or specialty areas within the field of communications. The first segment/specialty is in the area of corporate communications, working for some of the most successful companies in the country on
creating and implementing marketing and communication campaigns and projects. The second segment/specialty is in the area of political communications, related to designing and implementing political campaigns and communications projects in the country and the

In addition to her professional education in the area of communications, Angelka draws her experience within both segments or specialty areas, from directly practicing them during her nearly three-decade career and from professional engagement in the political and business processes in North Macedonia. Angelka began her career as a professional politician and later became a successful entrepreneur, founder and manager of one of the leading communication management and public relations agencies in North Macedonia – Image PR.

She is one of the frontrunners of public relations and communication management in Macedonia, and insists on a high level of ethics, professionalism and commitment in her profession and broader field of work. She is a pioneer of the establishment of communication management and public relations as a profession in the domestic communication industry.

Angelka is a Professor of Public Relations at the University American College Skopje. She is often invited as a
speaker for various public events, panels and debates.


Dan Timotin, General Manager, Pivara Skopje AD

Dan Timotin has been the General Manager of Pivara Skopje since March 1, 2019. He comes from Romania and has been building his professional career in the Coca-Cola HBC system since 2011, performing various leadership functions in the finance and sales sectors. In Coca-Cola HBC, he worked as: CFO (chief financial officer) for Romania and Moldova, Group Commercial Finance Director, National Key Account Manager and Country Sales Director.

He takes on the position of General Manager from the position of Sales Manager for Romania, where as a result of his leadership, teamwork, focus on customer needs and placing customers first, the company achieved significant sales growth, solidified its market positions and increased consumer satisfaction.

The outstanding results achieved by Dan, performing various management functions in the Coca-Cola HBC system, supplemented by his expertise, initiative and ability to motivate all members of the team to give their maximum, is already contributing to the work environment and performance results at Pivara Skopje under his leadership. The company is continuing to pursue sustainable development, strengthen its market positions, increase its high level of consumer confidence and satisfaction, as well as, to implement numerous socially responsible projects that are important for the community.

One of Dan’s priorities as General Manager in Pivara Skopje is to identify and develop talent, and to build a corporate culture. In fact, he believes, “The happier your employees, the more successful your company.” Happy employees are more creative, innovative and dedicated to work, and there is increased potential for high performance. Dan also believes that if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. As General Manager, he is giving support to all employees to improve their productivity, to allow them to develop a sense of meaning or purpose, to be prosperous, to feel safe, and to have high satisfaction.


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Carol is a management consultant with an extensive track record of successfully assisting client companies from a broad range of industries and functions. She has clients in financial services, pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, technology, marine transportation, and more. Carol's approach to organizations and consulting is practical and down to earth. Her focus is on building strong and lasting relationships with clients as a trusted colleague.

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