An Exciting, Innovative and Future Focused Keynote

by Sep 5, 2019Events & Webinars

We always strive to invite professionals or senior executives, to serve as our keynote, who are able to contribute relevant, insightful ideas that are related to the conference theme and the general intent of our conferences, which is to provide uniquely valuable resources, within a participative atmosphere and an enriched environment that directly supports learning and sharing. Our keynotes are people who have made and continue to make a difference in their own organizations and who, themselves, never stop learning, growing or striving for improved results for their organizations, the marketplace or operating environment in which the organization works and the world or society to which all organizations ultimately contribute.


Introducing our 2019 Keynote Speaker


Ivan Skender,  A1 Hrvatska


Ivan Skender, Senior Director of Business Transformation, Human Resources and Corporate Communications, A1, is an execution-focused and high-energy executive with 18+ years’ experience in commercial and business development roles in IT and Telecommunications.

He has a strong track record characterized by identifying, building and managing products and services, cross-regionally and cross-functionally.

Ivan focuses on Digital capabilities in business transformation and enabling People and Culture to support organizations in becoming agile.

In a recent article published on Linked-In, Ivan wrote, “The digital age we live in is rapidly changing and our business is developing at the same pace. Transforming companies to achieve organizational agility does not happen overnight, but it brings positive results very fast. The ability to quickly reconfigure people, processes, strategy, structure and technology toward value–creating opportunities, is challenging for all organizations.”

A1 Hrvatska is part of A1 Telekom Austria Group – the leading provider of digital services and communication solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. A1 Telekom Austria Group operates in seven countries, which together provide services for approximately 24 million customers. A1 Hrvatska is proud of its numbers – they employ about 2000 people, and take care of the needs of 2 million customers on an everyday basis.



Authors profile:

Carol M. Panza

Carol is a management consultant with an extensive track record of successfully assisting client companies from a broad range of industries and functions. She has clients in financial services, pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, technology, marine transportation, and more. Carol's approach to organizations and consulting is practical and down to earth. Her focus is on building strong and lasting relationships with clients as a trusted colleague.