Announcing the 18th ISPI EMEA Conference in Skopje, N. Macedonia

by Jun 27, 2019Events & Webinars

Don’t miss the 18th ISPI EMEA Conference in Skopje, N. Macedonia
September 26-28, 2019

ISPI EMEA – The Performance Systems Network, Inc. is pleased to invite you to join us in Skopje for a rewarding and unforgettable experience. 

Innovate and Improve Work Results
Trends and Opportunities Across All Sectors

A unique, highly interactive conference, with a track record of high value, and an open exchange of knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas in the field of human and organizational performance.

A conference is its Presenters and Participants – We believe that a successful conference must have BOTH great presenters AND great participants.  Further, a conference must offer compelling reasons for participants and presenters to invest the time and resources to attend, in the face of all of the available options for acquisition of knowledge, professional growth and professional network development.

So, why join us in Skopje? – ISPI EMEA conferences are purposefully limited in size (limited to 100 participants) with a format, content and presenters designed to attract executives and professionals from diverse backgrounds and experience, that bring with them an enthusiasm for learning, sharing and growing together, in the highly participative atmosphere of the conference.
Our conferences are compelling, because of our innovative, active/interactive format, which ensures that our conference participants are every bit as much a part of the total learning experience, as our fabulous presenters.
Please don’t just take our word for the value of our conferences.  We invite forward-thinking professionals, with a global perspective on performance, to visit the Previous Conferences page on our website to view videos containing participant reactions, and to read Feedback Reports, from our last nine (9) conferences.

Following is a sample of what you will experience at an ISPI EMEA conference.

  • Pre-Conference Workshops
  • Open Assist – an opportunity to be immersed in a unique teamwork experience that runs throughout the conference. Through this process, all conference participants and presenters become “crowd-sourcing” resources for teams, as they work to respond to a live request for support from the senior executives of an actual organization (client), who will participate throughout the conference.
  • Senior Executive Panel – respected senior executives from well-known organizations, share their thoughts and insights with participants in an interactive 2-hour session
  • Lunch & Learn – a number of short presentations on a variety of topics, delivered by selected presenters in an informal small group format
  • Keynote – a local executive and/or thought leader selected for their ability to contribute relevant, insightful ideas, related to the conference theme and consistent with our aim to provide uniquely valuable resources, within an enriched environment that directly supports learning and sharing
  • Concurrent Sessions – 60-minute briefings carefully selected from proposals to present submitted through our 2019 Call For Proposals (CFP) process

What is unique about ISPI EMEA Conferences?  We at ISPI EMEA, feel that we have a format that makes our conference a uniquely valuable experience.  Our format has evolved, over the years, as a result of consistently soliciting and acting upon feedback from participants, at each and every conference.  Our Open Assist client centerpiece and the Senior Executive Panel session, are two key elements of our conference format.

Through the Open Assist process the client organization receives real, tangible value for their participation, as measured by their immediate feedback at the end of the process and also, importantly, one year later.  Participant teams gain valuable knowledge and actual experience, working on a diverse multinational team, as they interact directly with, present to and get feedback from a senior management team, all in a “safe,” supportive, constructive environment of learning, sharing and enriching each participant’s experience and ability to grow their professional network.

The Senior Executive Panel Session is one of the perennial highlights of ISPI EMEA conferences.  Participants at the conference will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with a panel of experienced senior executives with diverse backgrounds in a special two-hour session. During this highlighted event, participants will hear directly from panelists about

  • the challenges and opportunities facing organizations today,
  • what they (Executives/Panelists) see coming and how they plan to prepare for the future,
  • their thoughts on achieving organization results, and
  • how we as performance improvement professionals can potentially contribute to organization results in a meaningful way.

Questions to guide this discussion will be created, in part, from ideas suggested by conference registrants in advance of the conference. There is also time within the two-hour session for questions and comments directly from session participants. 

You should definitely plan to join us this year in Skopje, if you value any or all of the following.

  • Dynamic and Performance Focused – A dynamic, learning and sharing environment, where everyone is actively seeking to improve their own, their organization’s or their clients’ performance
  • Client Engagement Centerpiece – The conference is organized around the Open Assist process, through which the opportunity to engage with executives representing an actual client organization, will run throughout the conference
  • Real Life Challenges – The Open Assist experience allows participants to be exposed to performance challenges from real life, but in a safe, supportive environment
  • Purposefully Limited in Size – An event where the number of participants is purposefully limited to ensure a much greater level of interaction and participation than for typical conferences.
  • Proven Value – A highly interactive format with a proven track record of high value for both presenters and participants
  • Relationship Building – A high participation, multinational environment, with participants from San Francisco to Shanghai, which supports relationship and network building, not just an exchange of business cards
  • Open Exchange – An atmosphere that fosters an open exchange of knowledge, experience and innovative ideas in the field of human and organizational performance
  • Special Place to Come Together – A place where all of us can meet and prepare together for the challenges that lie ahead for creating healthy, prosperous organizations and communities.

Remember that we intentionally limit the size of our conferences.  We do this in order to ensure that all participants get full value from these unique events, where our participants are every bit as knowledgeable and experienced as presenter and as important to the success of these world-class learning and sharing opportunities.

We invite YOU to become part of a select group this year in Skopje.  Plan to learn, share and grow with ISPI EMEA, September 26-28, 2019, in Skopje, N. Macedonia.

We hope to meet you this year in Skopje!


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Carol M. Panza

Carol is a management consultant with an extensive track record of successfully assisting client companies from a broad range of industries and functions. She has clients in financial services, pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, technology, marine transportation, and more. Carol's approach to organizations and consulting is practical and down to earth. Her focus is on building strong and lasting relationships with clients as a trusted colleague.